Corporate spirit:
Our production is built on science and integrity.
Our growth is derived from vigor and vitality.
Our progress is featured with mutual benefits.

Corporate mission:
Industrial leader, premium quality, scientific management, and excellent service are our

KPD’s mottos:
Integrity lays the solid foundation of our business;
Quality represents the source of our continuance;
Service ensures the momentum of our development.

KPD’s objectives:
Customer first with friendship before profit.

KPD’s perseverance:
We pursue excellence and strive for constant improvement.
Our staffs:
Our staffs are passionate and professional as a united and helpful team, while working and
researching industriously with positive energy to achieve daily progress.




Contact: Shenzhen KPD Electronics Co., Ltd
  • Address:RmA,24/F Da Qing Bldg, Shen Nan Rd, Fu Tian,Shenzhen, Guangdong,P.R.China
  • Tel :+(86) 755-82984009
    Fax :+ ( 86 ) 755-82984171
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    Alibaba International:
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